Riding a scooter develops a child’s motor skills. It also helps to learn the sense of balance and motor coordination. Additionally, it strengthens the neck, chest, shoulder and back muscles. Due to the continuous back and forth movement of the torso, it is easier to breathe deeply and the lung capacity increases. 

It is important that the scooter is matched to the age and developmental capabilities of the child.

A three-wheeled balance scooter is the best solution for children, who are just learning to ride. This is the perfect equipment to start this adventure. When your toddler is no longer so small and moves effortlessly on a three-wheeled scooter, it will be time to give them a new challenge and offer them two wheels. Ensure that such a traditional two-wheeled scooter is suitable for the height and weight of the child. 

A proposal for the most advanced riders are high-performance scooters. They require not only general physical fitness, but, above all, excellent balance and motor coordination.

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