QKIDS for active people

Does your child love moving and is everywhere?

Or just the opposite, do you have to encourage them to exercise every time?

With both groups in mind, the QKIDS brand was created to help you instill and develop the love of movement and physical activity.

The mission of QKIDS is to make young and old aware of the importance of physical activity at every stage of life. We want to help parents and, together with them, support their children in their motor development and provide them with products that guarantee the right amount of stimuli and help the kids improve skills assigned to a particular age group. At the same time, these products give children a lot of fun! 

QKIDS accompanies your child from infancy to early adolescence. At every stage of life, we provide products that support motor skills and develop the senses.

Why is it worth being active?

Physical activity stimulates the nervous system maturity, which accelerates motor development. Through physical activity, children learn the world around them, enrich their experiences and shape their memory and attention. However, those are just some benefits of being active.

It is worth noting that physical activity translates into:

  • improved development of motor abilities and skills,
  • stronger muscles, joints and bones,
  • increased lung capacity,
  • more efficient transport of blood and oxygen,
  • stronger heart,
  • greater independence.

It is important that the form and the amount of exercise match the age of the child.


The first year of a child’s life entails highly dynamic development. An infant is characterized by a lack of locomotor coordination. Restless motions gradually develop into targeted movements.

Around 4 months of age, a baby develops the ability to “treat the hand as a tool”. Your baby is not yet able to hold an object longer, but they discover the pleasure of trying to reach an object that is attractive to them. At this stage of development, a great product is an educational mat that stimulates their senses and encourages them to move. In subsequent months of life, the child discovers more functions and advantages of such a mat.

The golden age of motor development

A child’s motor development is linked to the development of speech, memory and imagination. In late second year or early third year of life, purposeful movements appear. The preschool period is called the apogee of motor skills or the golden age of motor development. This is the time when the ideal product for your child is a pedal-free bike or a balance scooter, which support the correct sense of balance, necessary for controlling body posture and effective motor planning. 

Early school age

The demand for physical activity in early school-age children remains high. At this stage of development, movements are already much more precise and controlled. For the growing child, all kinds of activities are also a way to make friends and peer contacts. A great choice for older kids and young teens would be two-wheeled scooters.


 Young fans of more extreme experiences will certainly like the high-performance scooters as well, thanks to which they can develop their passions.