Car seats

Car is not only a means of transportation. Each journey together with your child is a perfect opportunity for fantastic conversations! You can make plans for the afternoon, talk about the day at kindergarten or school. There is just one “but” – we can only afford such a carefree chat when we are certain that the little one is safe in their car seat. The safety of your child depends on you! Currently, there is an obligation to carry a child in a car seat from birth till they reach 150 cm. However, not the regulations and the threat of getting fined but responsibility for a child’s health and safety should oblige us to always use a car seat. Even seemingly harmless road incidents can lead to tragic consequences.

It is crucial to choose the right car seat. Most of all, it has to be suited to a child’s weight and height. We can distinguish the following weight categories: 0 to 10 kg, 0+ – up to 13 kg, I – from 9 up to 18 kg, II – from 15 up to 25 kg, III – 22 up to 36 kg. Remember to keep the headrest in a position that keeps the head below its top.