If the received Goods are not in conformity with the agreement, the Customer who is the Privileged Buyer may exercise, at their discretion, their rights from the Seller under the warranty or guarantee set forth in the Guarantee Terms and Conditions. The Guarantee shall cover only selected Goods indicated in the Online Store.

In order to make a complaint, the Customer should, at their discretion:

  1. send a notification of complaint via email to the following address and follow the instructions in the return email;
  2. fill in a complaint form at and follow the instructions contained in the form;

The notification of complaint should include at least:

  1. complete Goods including sets, free products;
  2. a proof of purchase;
  3. description of a defect;
  4. Customer’s request;


The product covered by the complaint must be packed in a way that does not indicate the contents of the parcel and so that the Goods are properly protected against any mechanical damage. If the dispatched Goods are packed not in accordance with the above guidelines, the Seller shall not be responsible for their destruction or loss.

The Online Store shall respond to the complaint within 14 days of receiving the device under complaint and shall inform the Customer about further proceedings by email. If the complaint is accepted, the damaged Item shall be repaired or replaced with new, full-value one. If this is not possible (for example because the product is out of stock) the website shall reimburse the Customer for the costs incurred or, with the Customer’s consent, replace the device with another model with similar technical parameters and similar value.