Baby chairs are a very important and practical tool for children. It is hard to imagine feeding them without it. High chair guarantees safe and comfortable position during meals. A baby can comfortably sit while eating and at the same time learn the correct reflexes and have the freedom of movement.

The baby starts using a baby chair at the stage of expanding their range of flavours and textures so when they are about 6-month-old. Since some babies at this age are unable to sit steadily, the chair needs to have a lot of leaning points and adjustments, and, for the security, safety belts, the best option would be 5-point belts.

The chair needs to support the child’s correct posture – the child should sit straight. They can’t be tilted to the back or the front. The torso of the child should not fall to either side. The head should be centered without tilting to the sides. The shoulders should be naturally lowered, they cannot be moved forward. Any other position will make swallowing harder for the child. The legs should be supported and bent at the right angles to the body.

A very important element of the feeding chair is its construction, which should be secure – it is crucial for safety. Additionally, the construction supports the back, the pelvis, the lower part of the spine, and around shoulder blades. It gives freedom of movement in the upper parts of the body. A very useful feature of the chair is the ability to adjust the position of the tray, which is useful not only for feeding but also for other activities, for instance, drawing. The feeding chair has to be comfortable, but it cannot be too soft as the child may sink in it and be uncomfortable. The feeding chair should be practical, comfortable for the child, easy to clean and transport.

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