Rockers and bouncers are the perfect places for a baby to rest as well as have fun. When a baby is in it, they are fully supported. The external stabilization provided by safety belts helps your child to be fully relaxed and not engage their torso. The only exception is when a bouncer is rocked with a leg. The position taken by the child is passive and they can’t slip out. That ensures the safety of the child while in the rocker. The parent can be sure that the child will not fall out or slip out.

This means that when the child sits in a bouncer, you can take care of your responsibilities – make dinner, take a shower, clean the house, and all that with your baby at your side. Parents confirm that thanks to bouncers and rockers, they can allow themselves more freedom while taking care of their babies. A bouncer is not only a comfortable and safe place to rest – thanks to different sensory toys your baby can develop their senses and perfect their skills.

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