Baby cots

Sen is vital for each of us, especially for children. During sleep, they not only regenerate their strength but also learn and grow. That’s why it’s so important to find a cot that will be not only comfortable but also will ensure healthy sleep for your child.

A baby cot that can be connected to a standard bed is a perfect solution for young parents. Thanks to its size and construction, it can easily fit even in a small bedroom. Co-sleeper is a perfect balance between having the baby next to you and the baby having their place to sleep. The baby feels the presence of the parents and has their cot. Co-sleeper allows easy care for the baby at night, which is a perfect solution for breastfeeding moms.

Travel cot

Travelling with a baby is a challenge, so it’s important to make the baby comfortable. During the trips, nights are the time when the feeling of safety and comfort is especially vital for the child. Therefore, travel cots will prove useful during trips together. The baby cots should be lightweight, easy to fold, and easy to install. A very useful accessory is a travel bag for the cot.


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