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Does it seem to you that skateboarding is just simple kicking your leg? You could not be more wrong! This is an activity requiring a lot of skill, fitness and coordination!

Let me introduce a GALAXY skateboard, which is a great gift both for the ones, who are just starting their adventure with this sport and for the experienced skaters.

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GALAXY skateboard features:

❤️ Stable and lightweight aluminium frame.

❤️ The skateboard is made from a durable material, resistant to breaking.

❤️ The skateboard has a non-slip surface. The grid on its surface protects the foot from slipping away, improving the safety of riding.

❤️ The wheels are made from polyurethane with some shock-absorbing rubber and ensure smooth riding and comfort on a bumpy road.

❤️ ABEC-9 UPGRADE VERSION 2022 bearings, which are great even for extreme rides in their improved version, promoting skateboard rolling.

❤️ This “fish” skateboard is small and handy, perfect for those, who want to have their board with them all the time.

❤️ The GALAXY skateboard has unique design and exceptional graphic art!

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Skateboarding has a lot of benefits! Do you know how it influences your body and fitness?

✔️It entails the need to keep your balance all the time. All the same, you become fitter, improving your body efficiency.


✔️Skateboarding is a great way to stay slim as well! Do you know that a one-hour skateboarding session burns 300 calories?


✔️The skateboard is a good method to strengthen your muscles, particularly your legs and core.


✔️First skateboarding attempts require staying highly focused. It means that this activity helps you practice your attention and patience!


✔️Are you an experienced skater? You know that you had to push your limits to do some tricks. The skateboard is a great way to overcome your barriers and fear!

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